Why your brand needs an innovative strategy

Whether starting a new business or growing an enterprise, market saturation is a true challenge. For every idea your team comes up with, there’s a handful of competitors and established brands who are most likely running with something similar. Understanding the competition and standing out in a saturated market place has never been more daunting, and so finding new and innovative ways to market your brand has never been more important.

An innovative strategy needs to be well planned and timed and is key to increasing growth and achieving the goals set by your company. It acts as a framework for your brand, enabling you to adapt to new and challenging situations while moving your business forward with key decision making. In planning your strategy, determine the business objectives and capabilities and further start to explore the different ways to communicate these to your target audience.

Digital marketing and a strong email marketing strategy are two great places to start. Build your database and create targeted campaigns which resonate with your readers encouraging email openings and click throughs. From here, use your analytics to measure your success systematically and see what works. By measuring the success of individual campaigns, you can begin to adapt your strategy. Try new and alternative marketing methods - perhaps a discount code or gift with purchase. Thinking creatively and outside the box is what every company needs, but always ensure your marketing message aligns with your business goals. 

In addition to digital marketing you also have the medium of physical marketing. This has a much more personal approach and effortlessly reaches your audience. Your Water is a great example of this - a bottle of water with your branded label, delivered directly into the hands of your target audience. By combining a digital and physical marketing strategy, a 360-degree plan is starting to take shape. Continue to experiment and measure the success.

Innovative strategy is about making the best decisions for your business. Company goals, marketing initiatives and strategy all need to align and be defined by clear, concise communication. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that it’s hard work, but, with the right skill set and approach, putting together an innovative strategy will create the cornerstones needed for building a successful business. 

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