Why should you add a QR code to your bottle?

Adding a Quick Response (QR) code to your bottle of water is key to creating brand engagement. Our smartphone cameras scan QR codes to retrieve text, photos, videos and URL’s. Essentially, QR codes are a brilliant marketing tool to utilise, but the best news is that they’re very simple to create and can easily be added to the design label you create with Your Water.

When creating your QR code, always ensure that you use it to truly showcase your business. Take it as an opportunity to market your brand by enabling your consumer to download the content that you want them to read. 



Who is your target audience?

Who is your target audience?

Over 83% of the world's population has a smartphone, so you can immediately relax knowing that the content behind your QR code is easily accessible. However, always remember to tailor your material to the age and interests of your intended audience. 

How will a QR code help you reach these goals?

Behind the scenes of your QR code you can track the number of scans it receives and therefore analyse its effectiveness. If this is your first QR code campaign you can use these metrics to set the bar, otherwise compare these insights to the analytics of past campaigns. That way, you and your team can gain a better understanding of what is effective and how to improve next time around. 

What do you hope a QR code will achieve?

Take a deep dive into your marketing strategy and speak to your surrounding colleagues. Assess what it is you’re wanting to gain from this QR code. Are you wanting your consumer to download an instruction video or perhaps you want to drive them towards your social media channels. Consider upcoming events you may want to advertise or contact details that you want to make known to drive business enquiries. 

Don’t be afraid to think big when using a QR code and be sure to remember that a single QR code can also be part of a wider campaign. The destination you choose to send your customers to could be their first impression of your business, so ensure your website and social media channels are always up to date. 

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